Mesner Puppets Brings THE NATIVITY to Life Mesner Puppets Brings THE NATIVITY to Life
Mesner Puppet Theater has announced the production team and over 40 artists who will make up this year's THE NATIVITY. Mesner Puppets Brings THE NATIVITY to Life

Pictured: THE NATIVITY. Photo courtesy of Mesner Puppet Theater. 

Mesner Puppet Theater has announced the production team and over 40 artists who will make up this year’s THE NATIVITY.

Directed by Mike Horner, the production will feature over seven-foot tall puppets with live musical and choral accompaniment and will be performed inside the historic Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Kansas City.

Production Team and Cast of THE NATIVITY (from the press release): 

Production Team: 

Director – Mike Horner
Assistant Director – Jesse Schaaf
Stage Manager – Christine Morrison
House Managers – Marcie Eisterhold and Flo Klenklen
Lighting – Chris Morrison
Music Director – John Schaefer
Spotlight Operator – Sebastian Pendleton
Puppets/Set Design – Jon Aley, Gabby Baculi, Mike Horner, Kent Kraemer, Paul Mesner, Suzanne Moulton, JoMichael Stoddard and Aaron Wehrmeister
Costume Design – Gabby Baculi, Kristina Godfrey, Christopher Leitch and JoMichael Stoddard


Christian Alldredge – Camel, Angel

Erika Baker – Mary

Erin Cummins – Shepherd

Joshua Cummins – Man with Stick, Traveler at Inn, Goat, Blue Cloth

Kelsen Cummins – Balthazar

Carrie Emmons – Voice of Mary

Ryan Emmons – Gaspar

Larry Fox – Zacharias, Rooster

Elizabeth Garner – Hannah

Zachary Garner – Isaiah, Herald, Innkeeper, Chicken

Christi Clemons Hoffman – Shepherd

Juliana Johnson – Elizabeth, Angel

Daniel Krest – Roman soldier, Traveler

Robin Krest – Star

Jacob Lewis – Roman Soldier, Traveler

Allison McCrae – Joseph

John Morrison – Herod, Angel

Mason Orme – Melchior, Hands of Isaiah

Emmy Patterson – Donkey

Lynn Sheek – Gabriel

Ben Donnelly-Strait – Narrator

Claus Wawrzinek – Joachin, Ox

Trenton Wilcox – Courtier, Soldier with Melchior/Herald, Angel

Chris Witzgall – Shepherd

Harper Yingst – Camel, Angel

Begat Carriers:
Christian Alldredge, Erin Cummins, Kelsen Cummins, Ryan Emmons, Larry Fox, Julaian Johnson, Daniel Krest, Robin Krest, Jacob Lewis, John Morrison, Lynn Sheek, Trenton Wilcox, Harper Yingst

Lucas Cummins, Rylan Cummins, Iris Hoffman, Daniel Krest, Jacob Lewis, Dakota Schlagel, Danielle Simons

Music Director – John Schaefer
Judy Johnson, flute; Beth Titterington, violin; John Titterington, bassoon; and John Schaefer, organ.

Singers: Lenette Johnson, Randal J. Loy, Fiona Schaefer and Edward Straub.

THE NATIVITY runs December 1st – December 3rd at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, 415 W. 13th St. Tickets are $17 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under. Tickets are available through the Central Ticket Office website or 816-235-6222.

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