KC Melting Pot Theatre has announced that Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley has been appointed as Artistic Director after serving for three years as the... KCMPT Appoints Nicole Hodges Persley as Artistic Director
Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley

KC Melting Pot Theatre has announced that Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley has been appointed as Artistic Director after serving for three years as the company’s associate artistic director.

During her time as associate artistic director, Hodges Perseley has curated seasons that have included Angelina W. Grimke’s 1916 anti-lynching play “Rachel,” and Amiri Baraka’s 1964 Obie award-winning play “Dutchman,” alongside productions featuring modern American voices such as Dominique Morriseau and emerging playwright Lewis J. Morrow.

“Nicole has made quite an impression on the KCMPT family and community,” comments Founder and Executive Director Harvey Williams. “We did not need to have a search process because her artistic vision is leading us to develop new audiences by giving them diverse representations of American theater that speak to multiple generations. Nicole brings a dynamic personality, knowledge of African American history and clear vision that can help us incubate emerging artists of color. The Board of KCMPT is excited to have her at the artistic helm because she dreams big. Under her artistic vision, we are now bringing revivals and new works to our audiences adding to our vision to develop the voices of Kansas City’s playwrights of color.”

“The promotion of Nicole Hodges Persley to Artistic Director at KC Melting Pot Theatre is good news,” says Board Member Susan Kysela. “She brings a high level of professional experience to everything she has a hand in. She’s hardworking and dedicated to the success of this theater. This is a welcome development.”

“I am honored to accept the Artistic Director position at KCMPT,” says Hodges Persley. I look forward to leading the artistic vision of this extraordinary collective as we forge new models of sustainability that highlight the importance of theater as a space to reimagine a more inclusive American theater narrative. We have so many artists that want to be seen and heard. At KCMPT, we showcase voices and stories by artist of color that need to be heard by everyone. All of our lives depend on it.”

For more information on KC MeltingPot Theatre visit kcmeltingpot.com.

Abigail Trabue Managing Editor

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