"I cleaned my chandelier on the internet one night for two and a half hours….and that didn't break it." theTEN with Dena Blizzard

Jump inside the brain of performing artists as we ask them 10 questions that were in no way inspired by “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

What’s the one role/show you’ve always wanted to work on that you haven’t yet?

I have always wanted to be Shirley on Laverne and Shirley. She’s not the cool one but who can replace Laverne?  No one. I know that’s not a stage show but it should be.

What current production, besides one of your own, are you most excited about?

I haven’t seen Hamilton, but I’d like to. Deep down I believe I’m an amazing rapper and could replace an actor with a small role….in the back, hopefully with a cool wig.

If you couldn’t be in theater, what career would you have chosen?

I would have been a cab driver. I’m an aggressive driver and I’m funny so it just feels right. I also drive a crappy car so I wouldn’t care if someone hits my in a “merge fight” thus getting you to your destination faster:)

What quote or saying do people spout but is really complete BS?

“Everything happens for a reason.” It’s sucky. It’s what people say when your life sucks. I would rather they just say….”your life suck right now.”  My mom also says that “door closed, window opens” crap. I find that equally annoying.

What would you name your boat if you had one?

“My husband made me buy this….I wanted a shore house.”

What will finally break the internet?

I cleaned my chandelier on the internet one night for two and a half hours….and that didn’t break it. So I have no idea.

What well-known fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?

Amelia Bedelia….right?

What is a play or musical that you cannot stand (CATS is not an acceptable answer)?

Anything my son isn’t in.

What is a play or musical that you love (CATS is not an acceptable answer)?

Arsenic and Old Lace. My mom made me watch a lot of Turner Classic Movies and we watched that one night. It is genius and no one knows.

What are you reading, watching or listening to right now?

I’m currently obsessed with Post Modern Jukebox….the essentials. It’s all cover songs but many of them are better than the originals.

DENA BLIZZARD’s “One Funny Mother,” will run February 19 – 24 at Starlight Indoors. For more information visit kcstarlight.com.

Blizzard is known as the “Target mom” from her viral videos “Back to School Rant” (96 million views) and “Chardonnay Go” (24 million views). She is a comedian and mother of three who’s written and starred in her Off Broadway show, created “Chardonnay Go, The Board Game for Wine Lovers, Moms and Other Shameless People” and “Shiraz on the Shelf, a New Christmas Wine Tradition.”
Dena was a LIVE with Kelly Top 5 Co-Host Winner and has served as the Official Host of the Miss America Pageant Preliminaries for 10 years. She has co-hosted with Anderson Cooper and has had her own talk show on NJ 101.5 FM. In her free time, She drinks in her living room every week on her Facebook LIVE show, “Tipsy Tuesday.” She hates doing dishes and enjoys eating gluten-free lasagna. Be sure to follow Dena at Facebook.com/onefunnymother.

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