What role is Jennifer Renfrow longing to play? theTEN with Jennifer Renfrow

Jump inside the brains of Kansas City theater artists as we ask them 10 questions that were in no way inspired by “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

What’s the one role/show you’ve always wanted to work on that you haven’t yet?

“Hello, Dolly!” I’ve gotten to choreograph the show before but someday I’d LOVE to play Dolly Levi!

What current production, besides one of your own, are you most excited about?

I’m very excited about some of the tours coming through KC including ” Anastasia“and “Hamilton!” But even more than those, I’m excited for “Billy Elliot” with Spinning Tree Theatre here in KC.

If you couldn’t be in theater, what career would you have chosen?

Hmmmm, my main job is being the owner of Center Stage Academy, a
performing arts studio where we teach dance, music, and theatre and it’s the best job in the world inspiring the next generation of artists. But…if I had to choose a career outside of the arts, I’m fascinated with architecture and how structures are built, so I’d say an architect or engineer of some kind.

What quote or saying do people spout but is really complete BS?

“It’ll all work out”. Yeah, it drives me crazy when people say that because, sure SOME things go away if you ignore them, but the only way things actually “work out” is if someone works hard to make them happen.

What would you name your boat if you had one?

Obviously, the “Anything Goes”

What will finally break the internet?

Oh, lord. I don’t know.

What well-known fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?

Wilson from the movie “Cast Away.”

What is a play or musical that you cannot stand (CATS is not an acceptable answer)?

This is impossible to answer. I mean, there are a few shows that I don’t need to see over and over, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up a ticket to see most anything. I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan (I know, how can I call myself a theatre person) but still I could find enjoyment in all the many aspects that make up a production. So, ultimately I abstain from answering. : )

What is a play or musical that you love (CATS is not an acceptable answer)?

“Guys & Dolls”

What are you reading, watching or listening to right now?

I’m always listening to musical soundtracks in a quest to find awesome material for my students and I enjoy listening to current shows playing on Broadway. But one soundtrack that I just can’t get enough of right now is “Finding Neverland.” And “Newsies”…that one never gets old.

Jennifer Renfrow

Jennifer Renfrow can currently be seen on stage as Sally Bowles in the White Theatre’s production of CABARET. Renfrow is the owner of Center Stage Academy, a studio in Warrensburg MO where she works with hundreds of kids each week to develop their passion for the arts! Some of her favorite performance credits include playing Mary Poppins at the White Theatre and singing for the televised KC Plaza Lighting Ceremony. For more information on CABARET visit TheWhiteTheatre.org.

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