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Review | “Swan Lake” at Kansas City Ballet
By the time the curtain rises on this icy cold evening, the Kansas City Symphony has settled us in comfortably for an evening of fairytale delight. Read more
Review | “A Doll’s House” at Kansas City Actors Theatre
A lot has been said about this play over the years, so much that another play was inspired to continue the story. Read more
Review | “Billy Elliot” at Spinning Tree Theatre
Pictured: Robert J. Hingula and Ben Renfrow. Photo by J. Robert Schraeder/Spinning Tree Theatre. By Bec Pennington 1984 was an iconic year for many reasons, but it is infamous in Great Britain for one of the most intense and bitter strikes ever to occur in the nation. The national coal... Read more
Review: DEATH AND THE MAIDEN at Kansas City Actors Theatre
Pictured: Vanessa Severo and Rusty Sneary. Photo by Brian Paulette. By Bec Pennington The curtain is open, the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and the undulating shoreline glowing behind windows in the background, but the lights are not fully up. The shadowy figure of a woman scrambles across... Read more
Review | THE NANCE at Spinning Tree Theatre
Spinning Tree has put together a stellar cast in an intimate venue that reflects the style of the script well. Read more
Review: SWEAT at Unicorn Theatre
But the opening moments do not go the way we expect, and this becomes the theme of the evening, as the story grabs us, shakes us, refuses to let go. Read more
Review: DRACULA: A SONG OF LOVE AND DEATH at Kansas City Actors Theatre
Honestly, it is a difficult thing to refresh an old tale and it cannot be said that this play isn’t entertaining or interesting. Read more
Review: WEST SIDE STORY at Lyric Opera of Kansas City
WEST SIDE STORY hasn’t aged enough in sixty-one years. Despite the limitations of the era in which it was written, it somehow sits in a timeless bubble of music, romance, and relevancy. Read more
Review: BLITHE SPIRIT at Kansas City Actors Theatre
It’s fitting that Coward’s play was so successful in such a turbulent time. It is permissible escapism at its finest; lighthearted, devilish, and adorable. Read more
Review: PETER PAN at Kansas City Ballet
Peter and the children really fly, pixie dust sparkles, the cannon booms. Ballet is magic again. Read more