Review | “Swan Lake” at Kansas City Ballet

By the time the curtain rises on this icy cold evening, the Kansas City Symphony has settled us in comfortably for an evening of fairytale delight.

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Review | “’night, Mother” at KCAT
Pictured: Cinnamon Schultz. Photo by Brian Paulette. By Pec Pennington As the lights lift, Thelma is searching her cabinets for a snowball treat, calling to her daughter as of yet out of sight about nothing in particular. She discovers it in a higher shelf and stuffs it happily in... Read more
Review | “A Spectacular Christmas Show” at MTH Theater

“Spectacular Christmas” is full of heart, and you can feel the joy radiating off these actors.

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Review: “The Nutcracker” at Kansas City Ballet
Pictured: KCB Dancer Lamin Pereira. Photographer: Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios. By Abigail Trabue For five seasons now, Kansas City has enjoyed a reimagined “Nutcracker” overflowing with childhood wonder and holiday joy, a production uniquely our own and one that should be at the top of every Christmas... Read more
Review | “A Christmas Carol” at Kansas City Repertory Theatre

KCRep’s “A Christmas Carol” is a superb way to find the true meaning of Christmas this and every year.

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Review | “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at Kansas City Repertory Theatre
Pictured: Vanessa Severo and Nathan Darrow. Photo by Don Ipock. By Megan Greenlee “Sizzling,” “sensuous” and “smoldering” were the words that floated around my mind as I watched the opening night of Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Set in Maggie and Brick’s bedroom on... Read more
Review | “A Doll’s House” at Kansas City Actors Theatre

A lot has been said about this play over the years, so much that another play was inspired to continue the story.

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Review | “Billy Elliot” at Spinning Tree Theatre
Pictured: Robert J. Hingula and Ben Renfrow. Photo by J. Robert Schraeder/Spinning Tree Theatre. By Bec Pennington 1984 was an iconic year for many reasons, but it is infamous in Great Britain for one of the most intense and bitter strikes ever to occur in the nation. The national... Read more
Review | “Pride and Prejudice” at Kansas City Repertory Theatre

By a show of hands who loves Jane Austen?

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Review | “The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip” at KC MeltingPot Theatre
Pictured: Ensemble of “The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip.” Photo by Thomas Kimble. By Megan Greenlee Wine and time travel. Laughter and tears. To live a full adventurous life or stay home with your cat? Michelle Tyrene Johnson’s “The Green Book Wine Club Train Trip” takes you on... Read more