Review: STUPID FUCKING BIRD at Unicorn Theatre

A Chekhov adaptation it is, but the actors routinely flip the bird at a photo of the great playwright that makes its way around the stage.

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Review: SUNSET BABY at KC Melting Pot Theatre

SUNSET BABY is a triumph for KC Melting Pot and firmly plants the company as a major player in Kansas City Theater.

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Review: CHRISTMAS IN SONG at Quality Hill Playhouse
  Pictured: The ensemble of CHRISTMAS IN SONG. Photo by Larry Levenson. By Abigail Trabue Growing up in Kansas City I always loved the holidays. The warm and festive atmosphere, the hope of snow on the ground Christmas morning, the lights of the Plaza and the warmth of evenings spent... Read more
Review: A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS at The Coterie Theatre

CHARLIE BROWN is a perfectly short 55 minutes that does a lovely job of reinventing the images we associate with the story without feeling like a cheap knockoff.

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Review: CYMBELINE at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre

Shakespeare’s CYMBELINE is fresh, emotional and gritty under the excellent direction of Karen Paisley at the MET.

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Review: EVEREST at Lyric Opera of Kansas City

EVEREST is part of a turning point in modern opera. There is a strong desire for stories more closely connected to the times we live in. For work that is relevant and no longer uses the same plots and gimmicks.

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Review: INTO THE WOODS at MTH Theater at Crown Center

It’s hard to believe INTO THE WOODS premiered on Broadway thirty years ago this month. Stephen Sondheim’s timeless compositions are both challenging for the performer and hummable for the listener; it’s certainly not lost any of its charm over time.

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Review: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at The White Theatre

The Lewis & Shirley White Theatre’s presentation of Mel Brooks’ YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN is full of raunchy humor, not so subtle innuendo, and spectacular lighting. It is a great show to catch when you are looking for an evening of pure fun.

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Review: CASA VALENTINA at Spinning Tree Theatre

I appreciate the honesty of this show. Rather than cashing in cheap laughs, the story encourages us to examine ourselves and others honestly so we as a society may live in harmony and unity.

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Review: DISGRACED at Unicorn Theatre

Frankly, this show is painful to watch, but in all the best ways. It simultaneously builds and destroys comfort zones while addressing racial differences, cultural appropriation and assimilation, and the long-standing debate over nature versus nurture.

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