The “Bustle” Period. Inside “A Doll’s House” with Costumer Sarah Oliver

In this “Inside” series, costumer Sarah Oliver discusses the process for designing Kansas City Actor’s Theatre’s production of “A Doll’s House.”

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It’s All About the Clothes: Inside Pride and Prejudice with KCRep’s Costume Shop
Kim Martin-Cotten (Assistant AD) sat down with Gayla Voss (Costume Shop Manager), Jenny Green (Assistant Costume Shop Manager) and Michele Richmond (Head Cutter) to talk about building the costumes for KCRep’s current production “Pride and Prejudice.” How many costumes did you build for this show ? Let’s see… 18... Read more
Becoming Billy: Inside “Billy Elliot” with Ben Renfrow
Pictured: Ben Renfrow as Billy in “Billy Elliot.” Photo courtesy of Spinning Tree Theatre. Our “Inside” series takes you behind the scenes of productions through blog posts written by the artists in the trenches. To read past “Inside” pieces, clickhere. By Ben Renfrow Tackling the role of Billy Elliot... Read more
Inside BILLY ELLIOT: Choreography and Casting with Andrew Grayman-Parkhurst
Pictured: Ben Renfrow as Billy Elliot in the “Angry Dance” number. Photo courtesy of Spinning Tree Theatre. By Andrew Grayman-Parkhurst On September 30, 2008, Michael (Grayman-Parkhurst) and I saw the final, invited dress rehearsal of the Broadway production of Billy Elliot. (Invited dress rehearsals—when a director gives the go-ahead—have... Read more
Inside PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with Walter Coppage and Lauren Spencer
Lauren Spencer and Walter Coppage, actors from KCRep’s current production of “Pride and Prejudice,” sat down with Kim Martin-Cotten (Assistant Artistic Director) to talk about stepping into this production. Kim Martin-Cotten: How is it to dive into a classic and find your way into what is both traditional and... Read more
theTEN with Dena Blizzard

“I cleaned my chandelier on the internet one night for two and a half hours….and that didn’t break it.”

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theTEN with Jennifer Renfrow

What role is Jennifer Renfrow longing to play?

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Guest Editorial: Kansas City Should Be a Safe Place to Work for all Theatre Professionals

I think we all agree there is a problem. To fix the problem, it is going to take a culture shift and accountability, as well as an organization willing to oversee the change.

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theEight with Teddy Trice

theEight with Teddy Trice

theTEN December 27, 2018 0

Pictured: Teddy Trice Jump inside the brains of Kansas City theater artists as we ask them 10 (or in this case, 8) questions that were in no way inspired by “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” What’s the one role/show you’ve always wanted to work on that you haven’t yet?  There... Read more
Inside THE NANCE: Costuming Two Shows For One Production

For me, this show has to be approached almost like two separate shows. The burlesque scenes are one, and the story of Chauncey, Ned and the burlesque troupe are another.

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