Seven Shows to See In January

With the holiday show season in the rearview mirror, the new year brings an eclectic batch of exciting productions, and Managing Editor Abigail Trabue has her top picks sure to kick the Winter blues.

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INSIDE SEA MARKS: Lessons from a Welsh Divorcee

The thing that’s resonated most with me is, after being married for 20 years, how important it is to have a relationship. One thing I’ve realized is that I don’t think about me, personally, being alone and how hard that can be. So that when you do find that companionship, especially one that seems to be working so well, you think how scary it would be to then have that possibly be taken away from you.

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In Theory: Who Wants to be a Producer? with Damron Russel Armstrong
Darren Sextro’s “In Theory” series discusses various theater topics with artists who are living and breathing the work. Who Wants to be a Producer? with Damron Russel Armstrong “All of them kept reiterating, ‘Never Be Afraid to Ask for MONEY.’” Kansas City native Damron Russel Armstrong is a most... Read more
Inside SEA MARKS: Interview with Director Jan Rogge

It’s a delicate thing. I have to know when to get in there and help them, and when to stay out of it.

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Inside STUPID FUCKING BIRD Part Two: That Lightbulb Moment

Now, like Connie, I’m usually the first to roll his eyes at attempts to make plays “accessible,” but I have to admit that Posner has done something magical with his play.

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Eight Shows to See In December

December is, undoubtedly, one of the most festive times of the year and there is no shortage of art to celebrate the season, but that’s not all Kansas City has to offer this month.

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Inside STUPID FUCKING BIRD Part One: An Actor Playing an Actor

To be honest, this play scares the hell out of me. That’s one of the reasons I said yes.

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Inside CASA VALENTINA Part Three: Co-Directing

What I didn’t know at the time, but came to realize, is that Michael was offering me an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Inside CASA VALENTINA Part Two: Makeup Design

The characters of CASA VALENTINA are complicated men expressing and exploring their truest selves by dressing as women. This was not about drag, neither was it about simply throwing on a dress and slapping on some lipstick.

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Inside DISGRACED Part Two: An Actor’s Journey

It’s not often that I get to tell a story with particular personal significance. As the son of an immigrant and an American I felt pulled to the duality of the character of Amir.

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