The Benefits of Vocal Training
As an actor, you’ve spent countless hours studying Stanislavski, Meisner technique, and Shakespeare. And, of course, if you’re a dancer, you’re extremely well-versed in ballet, tap, and modern dance. Have you spent much time investing in your singing voice? Vocal training helps with musicianship, diction, breath control, communication, projection,... Read more
Getting Out of Our Own Way: Embracing Vulnerability

One of the most memorable things I learned in my days as an acting student came from my favorite teacher, Eileen Vorbach: “All the things you think are fucked up about yourself? That’s your gift.” What I think she meant was that the ways in which each of us feels like we’re an outsider or that we’re broken or that we’re just plain weird are the same traits that both fuel our creativity and make us interesting to watch onstage.

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Integrating the Unthinkable: How to Respond to Election 2016
INNER MISSION: Integrating the Unthinkable: How to Respond to Election 2016 Psychotherapist and performer Bill Harrison’s column on life as an artist. “No one should forget the bigotry and racism of his campaign, the naked appeals to white grievance, the stigmatizing of Mexicans and Muslims. No one should forget... Read more