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PIRATES Has Audiences Roaring From Beginning to End
It’s supposed to be funny of course, but this particular production had the audience roaring from the beginning to the very end. Read more
DRY LAND Perfectly Depicts the Fragility of Age
The main characters, portrayed endearingly by Emily Sukolics and Erdin Schultz-Bever, are my daughter’s age. What do I want her to know? What have I forgotten to tell her? How can I help her to avoid the heartbreak and embrace the joys? Read more
Kansas City Ballet Powers Through Difficult SLEEPING BEAUTY
Ballet, as we all know somewhere in the more practical recesses, is extremely difficult. Unlike other athletic feats, we as an audience want to believe in the moment that it’s not hard. We want to be convinced for the most part that, if given the right shoes and a fancy costume, we could make a go at this ourselves. Read more
AVENUE Q Is a Dose of Reality Via Puppets
Welcome to AVENUE Q, where you get to realize you’re not the “special person” the morning shows and your parents always promised. This satirical puppet show takes those childhood promises of life and deconstructs them one by one in a perfect blend of raunchy, irreverent, cynical, and sweet. Read more
ECLIPSED Brings the Trauma and Desperation of War to Life
ECLIPSED plunges us without sympathy into the confusing and traumatic experiences of war. It gives no more explanation than the hearsay and misunderstandings that prevail in those circumstances - the same ones that guide the perpetrators as well as their victims in their life choices. Read more
KC Ballet’s NEW MOVES Furthers the Evolution of Dance and Community
Young choreographers — females especially — have seen less opportunity in years past, but this is changing, and KCB’s efforts to promote and encourage new and diverse ballet choreographers is exciting. Read more
Unicorn’s APPLICATION PENDING Is Delicious Fun
Christine has been dumped into a new position in the pre-primary admissions office in a high-demand New York City preschool/elementary school after the sudden and somewhat mysterious departure of her predecessor. Read more
Four Shows To Put On Your Adult-Friendly Holiday List
Jennifer Mays. Photo courtesy of Unicorn Theatre. It’s no secret the holidays are chock full of merry-making, and much like our kid-friendly list, our adult-friendly list will help you make the most of the theater season. Grab an adult, grab an adult beverage and add these four shows to your holiday... Read more
BOOK OF MORMON Is as Endearing as It Is Funny
(l-r) Ryan Bondy and David Aron Damane. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus Review: BOOK OF MORMON on Tour at Kansas City Music Hall By Bec Pennington Attending at the Music Hall in Kansas City on the same night, at the same time nearly, as a couple of other big events downtown... Read more
Review | “’night, Mother” at KCAT
Pictured: Cinnamon Schultz. Photo by Brian Paulette. By Pec Pennington As the lights lift, Thelma is searching her cabinets for a snowball treat, calling to her daughter as of yet out of sight about nothing in particular. She discovers it in a higher shelf and stuffs it happily in her... Read more