Unicorn Featured in American Theatre Magazine

Kansas City’s own Unicorn Theatre will be in the February issue of American Theatre magazine.

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Inside FULL GALLOP: The Actor-Audience Relationship

“But when those lights come up and the music fades out it’s just me. And you, the audience. You are my scene partner. I have to feed you the right lines and hope you return the favor. I have to hope you are responsive and attentive. I have to confide in you and cajole you and a couple of times even insult you.”

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INSIDE SEA MARKS: Building a Two-Person World

Designer Gary Mosby takes us behind the scenes of the set design for KCAT’s SEA MARKS

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Seven Shows to See In January

With the holiday show season in the rearview mirror, the new year brings an eclectic batch of exciting productions, and Managing Editor Abigail Trabue has her top picks sure to kick the Winter blues.

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In Theory: Who Wants to be a Producer? with Damron Russel Armstrong
Darren Sextro’s “In Theory” series discusses various theater topics with artists who are living and breathing the work. Who Wants to be a Producer? with Damron Russel Armstrong “All of them kept reiterating, ‘Never Be Afraid to Ask for MONEY.’” Kansas City native Damron Russel Armstrong is a most... Read more
Kansas City’s Best Shows of 2017
As an amazing year of performance in Kansas City comes to an end, we’re wrapping up our picks for the best productions of 2017. We asked our critics which of the 66 shows we reviewed this year have truly stuck with them, and below are their favorites. The following,... Read more
Eight Shows to See In December

December is, undoubtedly, one of the most festive times of the year and there is no shortage of art to celebrate the season, but that’s not all Kansas City has to offer this month.

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Narcissism and You

Are all performers narcissists? Is that a bad thing? Bill Harrison explores the relationship between a performer and a healthy bit of narcissism.

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Amy Attaway on Typecasting, Penguin Chats, and Having the Soul of an 87-Year-Old

Abigail Trabue profiles KC actor Amy Attaway on her career to date and her current production of WHAT WOULD CRAZY HORSE DO? in which she plays a KKK member at KCRep.

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Inside DISGRACED Part One: Immediacy, Relationships and Truth – A Director Prepares

This story has an immediacy about it and touches people in Kansas City as it does in every town and city in the US. We are all discussing and grappling with these questions, issues, and feelings every day.

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