DRY LAND Perfectly Depicts the Fragility of Age

The main characters, portrayed endearingly by Emily Sukolics and Erdin Schultz-Bever, are my daughter’s age. What do I want her to know? What have I forgotten to tell her? How can I help her to avoid the heartbreak and embrace the joys?

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Fishtank and UMKC Have Creatives for First ALONG THE LINE Project.

The Fishtank and UMKC Theatre have announced the creatives for ALONG THE LINE: A Rapid-Fire Theatrical Response to a Specific Moment in History.

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Kansas City Theaters Will Pledge Inclusion and Compassion on Eve of Inauguration

On Thursday night at 5:30 PM, thousands of theater practitioners will gather outside of hundreds of theaters across the country to participate in a ceremony promising to create a “light for dark times ahead.”

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