Review: SWEAT at Unicorn Theatre

But the opening moments do not go the way we expect, and this becomes the theme of the evening, as the story grabs us, shakes us, refuses to let go.

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Review: MAN IN LOVE at Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Every so often there comes a show that is perfect in its execution, and so disturbing that it stays with you long after the last curtain call. MAN IN LOVE is that show.

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Exceptional HOW TO — USE A KNIFE Puts Drama on the Front Burner

Gourmet Chef George has hit rock bottom and accepts a job running a bar & grill kitchen owned by his douchey (sorry there’s no better word) former cook who has wined his way to restaurant ownership. Drama ensues around anger management, substance abuse, race, illegal immigration, the Rwandan genocide (yes), and guilt. Lots of guilt.

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