Inside ONCE ON THIS ISLAND: Where Do I Belong?

It was a struggle, to be frank, and as I tried to find my connection to the character, little did I know how identifiable his life was to mine. Never quite feeling as if I belonged to a group of Black people or to a group of White people.

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Inside ONCE ON THIS ISLAND: Disovering Ti Moune

I must admit I did not know much about Ti Moune, except that she is a young Caribbean islander and I am a young-ish American with a Midwestern, newscaster, accent.

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Review: ONCE ON THIS ISLAND at Spinning Tree Theatre

As a lifelong fan of legends from around the world, I was excited to see the legend of Ti Moune come alive in such a way.

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Inside ONCE ON THIS ISLAND: Choreography and Understanding

Once on this Island requires a rather close collaboration between director and choreographer, perhaps even more so than many musicals since the piece is essentially wall-to-wall music.

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The WIZARD OF OZ Comes to Providence Amphitheater

The live stage version of the classic MGM movie musical THE WIZARD OF OZ comes to the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater this summer for five performances.

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Spinning Tree Announces Cast and Design Team for ONCE ON THIS ISLAND
Pictured: Allison Jones Spinning Tree Theatre has announced the cast and design team for their spring production of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND with music Stephen Flaherty and lyrics by Lynn Aherns. Directed by Nedra Dixon, with music direction by Pamela Baskin-Watson and choreography by co-founder Andrew Grayman-Parkhurst, the all Kansas... Read more
Spinning Tree Announces 18-19 Season Lineup

Spinning Tree Theatre has announced the four shows that will make up its 2018-19 season.

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Inside FULL GALLOP: “What Is It Exactly, That You Do?”

“What is it, exactly, that you do?” That, or some variation, is the question I get asked the most. What does a director do? Every other job in the theater is easy to define.

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Inside FULL GALLOP: The Actor-Audience Relationship

“But when those lights come up and the music fades out it’s just me. And you, the audience. You are my scene partner. I have to feed you the right lines and hope you return the favor. I have to hope you are responsive and attentive. I have to confide in you and cajole you and a couple of times even insult you.”

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Review: FULL GALLOP at Spinning Tree Theatre

Just Off Broadway Theatre is an intimate black box theater with the perfect ambiance for a one-woman play, and Spinning Tree Theatre has just the right one for us.

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