Inside FULL GALLOP: “What Is It Exactly, That You Do?”

“What is it, exactly, that you do?” That, or some variation, is the question I get asked the most. What does a director do? Every other job in the theater is easy to define.

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Inside FULL GALLOP: The Actor-Audience Relationship

“But when those lights come up and the music fades out it’s just me. And you, the audience. You are my scene partner. I have to feed you the right lines and hope you return the favor. I have to hope you are responsive and attentive. I have to confide in you and cajole you and a couple of times even insult you.”

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Review: FULL GALLOP at Spinning Tree Theatre

Just Off Broadway Theatre is an intimate black box theater with the perfect ambiance for a one-woman play, and Spinning Tree Theatre has just the right one for us.

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Inside FULL GALLOP: A Leap of Faith
In this 3-part series, PerformInk takes you inside Spinning Tree Theatre’s production of FULL GALLOP through blog posts written by the people behind the scenes. To read past “Inside” articles click here. By Andrew Grayman-Parkhurst The first question I’m often asked by patrons is, “How did you find this show?”... Read more
Seven Shows to See In January

With the holiday show season in the rearview mirror, the new year brings an eclectic batch of exciting productions, and Managing Editor Abigail Trabue has her top picks sure to kick the Winter blues.

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Spinning Tree Announces Cast and Creative Team for FULL GALLOP

Spinning Tree Theatre will continue its seventh season with the Kansas City premiere of FULL GALLOP.

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Kansas City’s Best Shows of 2017
As an amazing year of performance in Kansas City comes to an end, we’re wrapping up our picks for the best productions of 2017. We asked our critics which of the 66 shows we reviewed this year have truly stuck with them, and below are their favorites. The following,... Read more
Inside CASA VALENTINA Part Three: Co-Directing

What I didn’t know at the time, but came to realize, is that Michael was offering me an opportunity of a lifetime.

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Review: CASA VALENTINA at Spinning Tree Theatre

I appreciate the honesty of this show. Rather than cashing in cheap laughs, the story encourages us to examine ourselves and others honestly so we as a society may live in harmony and unity.

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Inside CASA VALENTINA Part Two: Makeup Design

The characters of CASA VALENTINA are complicated men expressing and exploring their truest selves by dressing as women. This was not about drag, neither was it about simply throwing on a dress and slapping on some lipstick.

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